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Silver Crescent - Spectrolite Pendant

The price doesn't include the chain, but you can order one from our collection of silver chain

Spektroliittikiven olemme louhineet omalta kaivokselta Ylämaalta, hioneet sen ja liittäneet sen käsityönä valmistamaamme hopeakoruun.
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Product: 00442

Weight: 0.003 kg

Price: 55.00 €

Silver Cameo Bracelet - 10 Cameos

This silver jewelry is our own handicraft.
If you want longer chain, write it down in the message box when you make the order.

Product: 00217

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 148.00 €

Cameo Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

These silver drop earrings are our own handicraft. Cameo is handcarved.

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 93.00 €

Silver Clasps for leather 5 pcs


Product: 00140

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 15.00 €

Silver Apple Blossom Stud Earrings

These silver drop earrings are our own handicraft.
If you want to have the stones with a different colour, write down the colour you want in the message box when you order the jewelry.

Product: 00347

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 32.00 €

Silver Drop Earrings round cup settings 5mm


Product: 00163

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 10.00 €