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Hand made, high quality Spectrolite jewelries since 1989

We own two Spectrolite mines in Ylämaa, and we deliver this beautiful stone in rough blocks, slides and cabochons to our customers. We also produce different kind of silver jewelry with Spectrolite and other gemstones. Our jewelry are mainly silver but from order we prepare jewelry also from gold and white gold. If you find a beautiful stone we can polish it and make a unique jewel out of it. We offer also polishing services. You are warmly welcome to visit our grindery. You can even choose a stone polish it and set it to a jewelry that you have chosen.

Korukivihiomo Kiurunen has been established in Utti in 1989. Utti is in Valkeala, which belongs nowadays to Kouvola. Entrepreneurs Kari and Sirkka got their enthusiasms to the stone business from Sirkka’s relative Arvi Rouhiainen. Arvi had a strong knowledge about polishing stones, especially Spectrolite, and he wanted to teach his skills to someone in family. Because Arvi didn’t have his own children so Kari and Sirkka learnt his knowledge and skills and started the business based on this knowledge. Kari and Sirkka’s son Seppo has an important role in everyday operation in Korukivihiomo Kiurunen.

Spectro Stone has been established in Vaasa in 2005. Establisher was Kari’s and Sirkka’s daughter Anna-Maija. This company has kept low profile since then but now from the first of June 2014 this company has started operating with full engine. From now on Anna-Maija’s husband Jami is involved to the operation. Spectro Stone moved to the Utti in the beginning of June 2014 and work with strong cooperation with Korukivihiomo Kiurunen in same facilities in Tyrri.


Spectro Stone

Anna-Maija Wörlin ( suomen kieli ja english)
Entrepreneur, jewelry and consumers
tel. +358 40 578 1401

Jami Wörlin (suomen kieli, english, svenska)
Entrepreneur, Spectrolite wholesale
tel. +358 45 1899611



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