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Spectrolite info

”Mixture the mysticism of the vikings and the beautiful nature of Finland.”

Spectrolite - variety of labradorite displaying with intense reds, oranges and yellows as well as blues and greens. These colors are due to light interference by thin lamellae (parallel layers) within the Spectrolite. The color play is iridescent like the feathers of a peacock or the Northern Lights.

Spectrolite belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group, a series of mixtures of sodium and calcium aluminum silicates. Spectrolite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale and a specific gravity of 2.69 - 2.72. Spectrolite is the very high grade of dark based Labradorite that is found only in Finland. The name "Spectrolite" is a trade name given to this material by the Finns, and only this material can truly be called Spectrolite.

There is one authentic true Spectrolite and it comes only from Finland.

History: Spectrolite was discovered quite by accident in 1940 during the Second World War, when stones was being quarried along Finland's eastern border for the purpose of making antitank obstacles (picture below), which makes it a more recent discovery than the well-known Labradorite from Canada.

Spectrolite is Finland national stone. As each country is entitled to name its own gemstones, Professor Aarne Laitakari, then Director of the Geological Survey of Finland, chose the name ”Spectrolite”, obviously having in mind the spectrum, the colours of which are visual poetry. Also is said to be that colours reflect the nature of Finland: blue is born the glittering of thousands lakes, green is the wuthering of our country wilderness forest. Yellow, red and oranges are as glowing brilliant colors of fall foliage in autumn.

The Spectrolite is regarded by gemmologists as the world's most beautiful labradorite.

Metaphysical: Brings forth each person's strengths, originality, aids sleep, relate to others. Spectrolite is thought to bring good luck. Spectrolite is said to represent the ”Temple of the stars”. It brings the light of the other planetary beings to the soul of the user. It is said to provide quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. Some people call is ”The good luck stone”. A shaman stone that reveals hidden paths. A very useful stone if you are seeking spirit helpers. Encourages self reliance, independence and magical revelations. The astrological signs of Spectrolite are Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo. Associated with the Winter season, and the January Moon (Wolf Moon).