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Cameo Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

These silver drop earrings are our own handicraft. Cameo is handcarved.

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Price: 93.00 €

Silver Clasps for leather 5 pcs


Product: 00140

Weight: 0 kg

Price: 15.00 €

Quartz crystal


Product: 00302

Weight: 2.4 kg

Price: 1 200.00 €

Silver Lumen small Spectrolite pendant

The Spectrolite, used as a gemstone in this jewelry, is taken from our own mine in Ylämaa, Finland. We have grinded and polished the Spectrolite and we have also set it in the silver jewelry that is also our own handicraft.
Every Spectrolite stone is unique and it's very difficult to find two exactly..

Product: 228687

Weight: 0.002 kg

Price: 38.00 €